We are always looking for motivated collaborators to help us challenge the gender binary with writing of all kinds, photography, illustrations, video, and other media . We’re excited to learn, play, grow, and share with you.


How it works: We will respond to your submission within two weeks. You will then have a few exchanges with our editors Kiona (non-text) or Louise (text). All submissions require at least one header image, so please come with one or with ideas for what would best accompany your article. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, please submit again! Sometimes things fall through the cracks.  


We accept submissions in these four categories, in addition to our current theme:



This section is dedicated to our current theme and includes all articles, poems, videos, interviews, or pieces of research that are relevant. Whether you would like to scan a zine, write a rant, or send us an excerpt of your thesis, we are interested in what sheds light on the current issue. We will filter these pieces into our other sections once the issue ends.



COVEN BERLIN wants to host your art. Are you a poet? Do you have a video you’d like to permanently install on our platform? Are you a photographer? A photo essayist? Short of performance art (and even then there are ways to share it online), there are few media we will turn down.



Had an experience you need to vent about? Do you feel inspired to write about love or sexuality? Or are you feeling some serious affection for your local community, the internet at large, or yourself? Write it out! COVEN BERLIN takes pride in being a platform for your personal experience. We want it all.



This section is for your ‘serious work’: art and performance reviews, interviews with your favorite creators, drag artists, and activists, or anything academic with a queer feminist bent. Do you want to translate a text you love and publish it here? If your current topic of interest doesn’t fit our theme but you have something relevant to share, it can find a nest here.




Text: 800-1000 words maximum, Microsoft word or plain text files

Images: 1200-2000 pixel width, .jpg/.png/.gif, no more than 15 images.

Video: Must be uploaded elsewhere and able to be embedded; no direct file submissions.

Any other content will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

To submit, send your work to e-mail at hello[at] Please include the word ‘submission’ in the subject line and a brief bio about yourself in your email.


This is an absolutely DIY, unfunded, non-institutional, living-room operation and we want to keep it that way. Please be considerate of our desire to publish your work within the constraints of this neo-liberal patriarchy and try to come with that in mind.