BURLUNGIS, online.

Welcome to BURLUNGIS, a fantastical medieval landscape conjured by COVEN BERLIN to re-imagine a time as dark as ours. But hark! Whoever condemns darkness has forgotten its power. 

In the material world, BURLUNGIS is our latest exhibition, which takes place at Galerie im Turm from the 23rd of January to 8th of March 2020. In the virtual world, BURLUNGIS is the theme that will animate COVEN’s online magazine for the next six months. We are looking to publish 3 PAID articles per month around this theme, and greatly anticipate your submissions!

BURLUNGIS… a medieval landscape of texture packs, Hildegard von Bingen, and life in the bog. What do you think of when you think of the Middle Ages? An aesthetic? A lifestyle? A tumblr? This era has seeped through different kinds of media, from the sticker on your beer to the princess movie, by way of Runescape. What is lost and what is gained and who cares? To visit BURLUNGIS is to play in the swampy stink of this forsaken moment in history, say fuck you to logic and the Enlightenment, rescue it from the nationalists who’ve dressed it up as some glorified moment in which “Europe” was pure straight and white, and get down with the parts that are most interesting.

So… what will you do with BURLUNGIS? We’re interested in tales of gaming through pixelated medieval landscapes, Joan of Arc erotica, fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose. We’d welcome a well-researched chunk of analysis on some hot medieval queer theory (like Silvia Federici obviouslyyy), as well as approaches to the topic that are far more fanciful. 

To submit, please send us a short pitch and a writing sample if you have one (can be informal). The first deadline is the 15th of January. We will let you know if your pitch is selected and give you a deadline for a first draft. Your draft will receive a few rounds of care-full editing in collaboration with you. You’ll also be asked to find an image (or images) to go with your submission, or to work with us to find one. The fee per article is 50€ (incl. taxes if you are liable). 

The first articles will be published in February. The open call will stay open throughout the next six months, with pitches due on the 15th of each month for deadlines spread throughout the next month. As the seasons change, we’ll be loosening our interest in the Middle Ages and could be open to other kinds of pitches that are more Berlin-based or timely. 

Keep your eyes peeled for reminders about this on our Instagram and newsletter.


We strive to make our website as accessible as possible. Here are some ways for you to participate in this effort, all of which are desired. 

  • Record your article and send us the sound file
  • Transcribe your sound piece or the text in your video
  • Write descriptions of your images
  • Translate your text into other languages if possible/relevant
  • We encourage submissions that use an english accessible to people with a wide range of reading levels. Tools like this can help tell you what level you are writing at now. 



  • Text: 800-1000 words maximum, Microsoft word or plain text files
  • Images: 1200-2000 pixel width, .jpg/.png/.gif, no more than 15 images.
  • Video: Must be uploaded elsewhere and able to be embedded; no direct file submissions.


Any other content will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

To submit, send your work to hello[at] Please include the word ‘submission’ in the subject line and a brief bio about yourself in your email.