Louise Trueheart (FR/US)

Louise Trueheart is a dancer. She makes political art on her own and with friends and fellows. One of her projects is about drone warfare and the women inside computers. Another project is about Zombies and the current insurrection. Louise is a Sagittarius, and you can tell because she is charming, ambitious, and always trying to get it on with the universe. Louise found COVEN, or COVEN found Louise, in a line for the bathroom at a pre-screening for the 2013 porn film festival in Berlin. COVEN and Louise have had a wonderful open relationship ever since. Louise has a deep-seated appreciation for English even though she grew up in Paris and thinks French is lovely too. Louise is the senior editor of COVEN BERLIN, which means that she is nuts about punctuation and spends her time activating passive sentences. Fantasy is her favorite genre of literature. She loves dogs.