What we like 

We are interested in short, sweet, sexy texts that are as filled with love, joy, and humor as they are with incisive critical observations about the world you live in – fictional or not. We’re open to anything. Subjective non-fiction, narrative, rants, fantasies, interviews, and collages of all things are more than welcome here. 

We are interested in proposals related to our current theme or to a pressing current event. 


Read more about the current theme: Axe Pulse 

How it works 


You can submit any time.

What does a submission include: 

  1. a short description of what you would like to write, including relevant information like the topic, the media (poetry? multimedia? fiction?), and anything else we need to know. 
  2. any writing samples of past works, published or not (we don’t care).

Then what?

We respond back to everyone who submits. It may take us several months to get back to you. If your pitch is selected we’ll give you a deadline for a first draft. 


  • Text: 1000 words maximum, Microsoft word or plain text files.
  • Images: 1200-2000 pixel width, .jpg/.png/.gif, no more than 15 images.
  • Video: Must be uploaded elsewhere and able to be embedded; no direct file submissions.
  • Audio: .mp3/.wav only. 

Editing Process:

Your draft will receive a few rounds of care-full editing with Kiona (non-text) or Louise (text) in collaboration with you. We will not publish a piece without showing you the final version. Our aim with the editing process is not to ‘correct’ your language, but to bring out the best in your work while maintaining your voice. We want your piece to be accessible to others and grammatically consistent with the rest of the articles on our website (for example, we use the Oxford comma). 


We also ask you to find an image (or images) to accompany your piece, or to work with us to find one, so please come with ideas.

Please note that we need copyright permission to use any image on our website, whether they are images you personally own the copyright for, images where you can easily get that permission from the artist (maybe a friend or acquaintance’s artwork), or, in some cases, images that are in the public domain. If you would like to use an image in your article, you are responsible for getting permission to use that image. Unedited screenshots of movies or TV shows, for example, don’t work for this purpose.



We strive to make our website as accessible as possible. Here are some ways for you to participate in this effort, all of which are desired. 

  • Record your article and send us the sound file
  • Transcribe your sound piece or the text in your video
  • Write descriptions of your images
  • Translate your text into other languages if possible/relevant
  • We encourage submissions that use an english accessible to people with a wide range of reading levels. Tools like this can help tell you what level you are writing at now. 



At the moment our funding is inconsistent, and payment will be decided on a case by case basis. Fees range from 70EU to 0EU per article. We are always looking for new ways to fund this magazine! 


To submit, send your pitch to submissions[at] Please write the word ‘submission’ in the subject line.