Sacha Vega – A Visual Interview

A black and white image of two people pressing their feet together with their lower legs bent to the right and left sides of the frame. They are on a hardwood floor.
Image by Sacha Vega.

Sacha Vega is an American artist creating at the intersection of photography, installation art, and writing, based in the Greater New York area. Through her practice, she “advises the viewer to consider their physicality through curiously problematizing the notion of a fixed or natural perspective”, in her own words. The warmth and conscious, directed energy of Sacha’s work spoke to us as we at COVEN mulled over being IN HEAT during August. We asked her nine questions, and she provided nine scorching visual responses, as well as a question of her own for you, dear reader.


🔥 What informs your point of view?

An image of a silvery hourglass-like shape in a translucent, square-shaped material. The object is sitting on a medium colored wooden table in sunlight. A checkered pattern is visible in the shadow on the table, and a plant's leaves are visible on the side of the frame next to the object.


🔥 Do you believe in magic?

An image of a large, dark boulder sitting in shallow water on a tropical beach. A human and several votes are visible behind the shadowed boulder.


🔥 What is it that you fear most?

An out of focus image of several palm trees on a cloudy sky. In focus, a power line cuts across the image horizontally.


🔥 What is your fantasy?

A black and white image of two hands about to touch or shake, presented symmetrically from the wrist down. A red dot is under the wrist, a yellow dot is under the pinky finger, and a blue dot is between the two thumbs in the frame.


🔥 Why did you scream last?

A small paper box on a dark wooden table. The box has a label which reads "Mass intention for the dead". White pieces of paper are stacked neatly inside.


🔥 What does queer feminism mean to you? 

An image of a sunset and an out of focus silhouette of a person and a house.


🔥 How do you experience gender?

An image of a human-shaped candle with breasts on a table, superimposed over two images of the same scene. The background image is mostly obscured, while the middle image shows the candle put out. The top and smallest image shows the candle lit and dripping wax.


🔥 What are you looking for?

An image of two people embracing with a hand, out of focus, covering the scene from behind the camera.


🔥 What makes you want to burn it all down?

An image of a triangular paper hat suspended from the ceiling, in a room with dappled lighting across the walls. A wooden ceiling is visible above.


Sacha’s question for you:

🔥 How is your contact shape-shifting?


Images by Sacha Vega

Interview by Kiona H Niehaus

Sacha Vega’s artwork has been exhibited at Baxter St at CCNY, Java Project, Pelham Art Center, and 99cent Plus Gallery, and has been featured in publications like Outline, Nylon, Lenscratch, Der Greif and Dossier Journal. She has also been an artist-in-residence at Wassaic Project, Stoneleaf Retreat and ARTHA Project. She is 1/3 of the artist-led initiative Memory Foam and collaborates on curating exhibitions, publishing, programming and producing artist interview series. Sacha holds a BFA in Photography and a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute, and is currently pursuing an MFA at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. To see more of her work, visit