Welcome to the Cyberbog | In Heat: Cold Sweat

This is a banner for Coven Berlin's online event called In Heat: Cold Sweat. By clicking on it you will get to another website, the Cyberbog. The background of the image consists of a gray rendering of lava with some red glowing spots and steam. The words „In Heat“ have red glowing outline, „Cold Sweat“ a blue glowing outline.
Visual by Nani Gutiérrez

Latest posts

Photo collage by Bard. It consists of three images, each with a bright blue frame. Two of them are selfies, one of his body in shorts and t-shirt lying on a bed, and one of his face also lying on a bed. The third image is a comic of a bear and a man kissing.

Hot or Not? 2

I’m 33 but my face is 2 years old. No, I haven’t had a face-swap surgery like in that Nic Cage movie. I’m just a trans guy enjoying the magical touch of Testosterone.

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Screenshot of babygrow/onesie designs.

How to Boil an Egg

With long talons on feet and fingers and scruffy thick hair, we move slowly. Fluidly, awkwardly, heavily. We survive a heatwave, extremities doubling and then tripling in size, itching and prickling, I run them under cool water for relief.

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