An illustrated image of shooting stars, with a band of lighter color around the edge. The image is in blues and purples.
Header Image by Samantha Bohatsch

I believe in you and me
But mostly
in myself
I wander through the sphere
at my own pace
which might be too fast for you
You see the dust in the sky
and you know
this was me
This is the only path to me
but it will be gone in seconds
and if you don’t hurry
you will never find me again
Some say I’ve changed
others say I’m reckless
But if you’d ask me
I’d say
I’m on my way to a better place
I’m a runaway
Poem and Header Image by Samantha Bohatsch

Samantha Bohatsch (born 1984 in Berlin) is based in Berlin. Their works have been recently shown at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (D), at Efrimidis Gallery in Berlin and CAN in Neuchâtel (CH), among others. Bohatsch works with reading performances, text-based sound pieces and installations, which deal with interpersonal relationships and transformation processes, inspired by personal experiences, observations from the internet, queer and feminist literature, history and pop culture.