A surreal watercolour painting of a black sky, red sea, and green creatures. Many planets seem to rise in the sky, and there appear to be gohsts and amoebas coming out of the sea.

Poem 1, 2, 3

Poems by Inky Lee.

I knew of an asian man. His body was small and he was going blind. He quit his office job and was training to become a masseur – to see with his hands while his eyes cease to see. He was a devout christian and was known to pray for many hours every day. People called him a holy man. One time, I went to his place to get a massage. After the massage, he prayed for me. As I was about to leave, he smirked and told me to never bring a black man home because that would make my mother go into a long fast.

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sparks from a fire fly through dark night air


this body never existed for your dick my skin does not expect your desperate touch a pussy built to feel warm desirable love   every femme is meant to be…

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    UNION Decamping from the world intuition as art sacred, profane, hermetic united in one flesh + boxing gloves ready for attack / withdrawal simple flower reed of night…

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