COVEN BERLIN is a sex-positive transdisciplinary genderbender collective focused on feminism, love, gender, sexuality and art. Founded in 2013 in Berlin by Lo Pecado and Judy Mièl, it is on its way to conqueer the universe with a feminist conflation of provocative fine-lined aesthetics and critical brainwaves in form of art, essays and events, always using a breath of irony.

COVEN BERLIN wants to create an open sphere to deconstruct the assimilated social structures on sexuality and gender, to transmit a positive message on sex, to defy body politics, to transversally think about immigration, race and sex and to fight against mind-constricted stereotypes on sex and different gender expressions.

COVEN BERLIN is an open space where communication flows in multiple directions and we welcome all those interested to make contributions in whatever form of expression you feel most comfortable with.

We want to grow, learn, create, play, perform and share.