Extra+Terrestrial at Galerija Miroslav Kraljević – The Photos

A picture facing up toward the ceiling, which has a pentagram on it. Hanging down from the pentagram are fabric figures, herbs, and other objects.
Weird Sisters, Sadie Lune. Photograph by Miran Kramar.

EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL was shown at the Galerija Miroslav Kraljević in Zagreb, Croatia from 10th to 27th September 2019. This toured iteration of the exhibition was curated with Ana Kovačić Iva Paska.

EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL was originally exhibited as part of the Jahr der Frau_en at the Schwules* Museum, a year-long program curated by Vera Hofmann and Birgit Bosold. COVEN BERLIN was proud to present EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL, an installed exhibition accompanied by several events, from 23rd November 2018 to 14 February 2019.

EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL reclaims visual and textual figures of Otherness, specifically the witch, the alien, the monster and the cyborg. The experience of being the Other, of being outside of or different from heterosexual norms of gender and sexuality, is an experience that unites otherwise disparate experiences within LGBTQI* communities. Reclaiming and reconfiguring the tired tropes by which society identifies us gives space for both self-identification and resistance, and offers rich ground for reclaimed self-understanding. With artwork dealing with queer genealogies, non-institutional knowledge, rituals, oppression, perception, love, and sexuality through identification with bodies and characters that are out of this world and yet inextricably linked to terrestrial power dynamics, we explore the boundaries of reclaiming the Other as a tool of resistance.

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Photographs by Miran Kramar

The Exhibition:


Alienation, .BYTE Zine (curated by Halima Salah + Eman Al Eghfeli)


Hunted, Lotic + Matt Lambert


Weird Sisters, Sadie Lune


 Xochiquetzal from Dualidad, Xochiquetzal, Quetzálcoatl, Rurru Mipanochia


Planned Irrelevance,  Kiona Hagen Niehaus


All Directions at Once, Luiza Prado


Coconuts, Moran Sanderovich


Vernissage, 10.09.2019



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