A photograph of a light skinned person. The photo is from the right side at about shoulder level, and the person's legs are crossed, with one ankle on the knee. The person is using their thigh to write on a questionnaire paper. They are wearing a purple satin shirt and light blue jean cutoffs.
PROBAND WERDEN at ProFamilia, Berlin, Germany, 29th June 2019. Photograph by Billie Sara Clarken.

During 2019, COVEN BERLIN presented PROBAND WERDEN, a durational performance and pop-up exhibition, three times: at Monday Gelato in Karlsruhe, Germany on 22nd June, as part of the Project Space Festival at ProFamilia in Berlin on 29th June, and as part of HYBRID art festival at LaJuan Gallery in Madrid, Spain from 25th – 27th September.

Beginning with a parody of paid studies, PROBAND WERDEN is a smörgåsbord of possible embodied health futures. The viewers will be invited to become test subjects for experiences relating to the body, ranging from dystopic reproductive health care to learning how to float as a survival strategy. PROBAND WERDEN will use a transdisciplinary set of media including film, one-on-one performance, zines, and installation, all geared towards locating the test subjects in their own bodies and in the future of health. Weaving tactics from science fiction, somatic BDSM, and queer activism, COVEN will alter the sterility of a public medical space into one ripe for both present and generational healing. We have all had experiences with health care that have felt incredibly disempowering and disembodied. PROBAND WERDEN responds by creating a set of potential remedies rooted in communal knowledge and deep suspicion around the medical-industrial complex.

PROBAND WERDEN featured works and performances by:

Clay A.D.
Frances Breden
Lorena Juan
Kiona Hagen Niehaus
Louise Trueheart
Romily Alice Walden

Zines created by Elan Fortin


PROBAND WERDEN at Monday Gelato, Karlsruhe, Germany, 22nd June 2019 

Photographs by  Klemens Czurda




PROBAND WERDEN at ProFamilia, Project Space Festival, Berlin, Germany, 29th June 2019

Photographs by Billie Sara Clarken




PROBAND WERDEN at LaJuan Gallery, HYBRID Art Festival, Madrid, Spain, 25th – 27th September 2019

Photographs 1 – 4, 6 – 9 by Jesús Antón Morallón
Photograph 5 by Anna Chiara Gasparotto



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