Bog conjunct neptune – dreams and jeopardy

Two memes featuring an animated person with short dark hair gesturing at a yellow butterfly. On the left, the meme labels the person "trans bbs" and the butterfly "bog trees", with the bottom caption reading "U my gender?" On the right, the same image labels the person "artists" and the butterfly "bogs" with the caption reading "U have body?"
Image by Miha Brebenel and Sepideh Ardalani



i see trees falling as they cannot ground

roots can’t hold onto anything

that would give them stability

stability defines itself differently in the bog

fluctuation is reliable

change is stable

the in-betweens are the ever shifting coordinates

a tree can’t ground.

i relate


swamp of sadness Artax & Mike

♬ original sound – bogstudies

i hear you preserve the past in your bodies.
i preserve the past in my body, too.

i feel it most when it hurts. i don’t know if you hurt.

your body is being preserved too. now that you’ve been drained, national government
bodies claim care over you.

i see your openings

how deep do they go?


anime ytgirldance

♬ original sound – bogstudies

i open, ripple, swirl and it flushes me down sinkholes

you have a lot of water in your chart. me too.
your water is dark. mine too.

they say your soil is not nutritious. sounds like bad rep.

what do you make of it?

nutrients can be stored or released.

for whom is it nourishment in the end?

i want to make you my cate-gore buddy. massacre categories with you.
rip meaning-making apart-together.

that old story. let’s act out.


boys who bog dive together stay together

♬ original sound – bogstudies

i see no escape but that’s not the point.

there isn’t time to look for one.

there are no sigils in the bog. it is above so below.

yet from beneath you it does not always devour.

because the narrative is not the plot and the lands have been plotted out.

our plotting is revolt.

and it happens often

ripped open, with other achy often less nourished bodies.

in bed bogs of temporal drag.

lying down and cripping up.

whispering to each other because sometimes we are so out of
breath just from climbing the stairs.

bogged down again

in times that we try to abolish

body making flesh


Rihanna and fall video

♬ original sound – bogstudies

what’s the bog got to do with it?
Text and Images by Miha Brebenel and Sepideh Ardalani

Miha Brebenel is a Romanian-born trans disabled human. Their work is informed by feminist and queer practices, as well as the aesthetics and politics of screen (and other) technologies. Their long-term and expanding explorations are focused on the histories of Internationalism and solidarity, intersections with disability,gender,critical plant studies, law, social and healing justice, somatics.
They are developing research on the intersection between histories of herbalism and socialism, mainly in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region.
Sepideh Ardalani is an Iranian-born, invisibly disabled bunny (wordhippo AI suggestion), doing trans-species social work. For example in MASSIA, a self-organised residency space in coastal Estonia. Here, Sepideh invites for exchanges on socio-environmental matters and co-cultivating a garden invested in herbalism and a space invested in collective care practices.
Miha and Sepi co-organise FO.R.E.ST (Forum for Radical Ecology Studies), an experimental collective un/learning situation, which will have its next season in Spring 2023.