Neodaddyism💯 – the photos

neodaddyism 100 title on white wall, neodaddyism in black text with 100 in orange
Title Wall, Neodaddyism💯, 2nd-25th April 2019, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

We are pleased and proud to present the photos from our wretched and fabulous Neodaddyism 💯exhibition. It took place from 2nd to 25th April as part of the Accessibility Note series curated by Magdalena J. Härtelova for the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. 



It featured memes by:








Welcome To My Meme Page




Photographs by Radek Detinsky/AVU













A workshop, How to Not Lose Yourself to Memes, was led by COVEN’s own Crab Content on 28th March in Prague.  It will run again at the nGbK in Berlin in 2020, so stay tuned!



Workshop Description:

Before the opening, the gallery awaits silently, its insides covered in dank memes. They are the voices of marginalized artists and creators, who speak about themselves for the first time in the format of colorful images and texts created in 72 pp Impact font. Memes, like Dada, offer us a way of expression much freer and more accessible than conventional channels.

But is it, really? Is Neodaddyism the promised land where we can roam and express ourselves, free from academic and monetary constraints? Dada is not safe—never has been.

During this 3.5 hour workshop, Crab will challenge the notion of memes as a free-for-all smorgasbord of self-expression. We will start by speaking for an hour about the dangers of blind memeism and the strange creatures that lurk in the deepest regions of the internet, linking it with far-right movements and toxic ideologies.

Afterwards, we will discuss how to browse the internet safely from the power of malignant shitposting and propaganda. When that is cleared out, we will discuss the positive power of memes as a way of self-expression and coping, and we will have a short round of discussion. To finish, we will use our hands to make memes the analog way, with scissors and paper, truly vintage, to let the world know about what rattles between the walls of your skull.




Neodaddyism 💯 then toured from 9th to 29th June as curated by Rosa Windt for Galerie Genscher in Hamburg.


Photographs by Rosa Windt








COVEN exhibited our own memes as part of these exhibitions, made by Harley Aussoleil, Frances Breden, Crab Content, and Kiona Niehaus:











































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