‘does this haircut make me look like i can handle reality’


‘the origin of anxiety,’ oil on canvas, 2014


sexy tumblr

my friend found a sexy photo
while searching for [something] on my laptop, once
he put it in my trash folder, secretly
& maybe experienced emotions lying somewhere on a spectrum between
embarrassment & empathy while doing so
i wanted to be able to have ‘tastefully erotic’ & vaguely artistic pix
maybe from the 70s
& not be ashamed of it
but also i didn’t want people just
stumbling into shit on my laptop
so i created an anonymous tumblr to post them to
took the pic out of the trash, posted it
& then immediately forgot my username & password


‘moments,’ 2015


my life is full of what’s not here
o good
another morning spent wondering
if i am made of evil
one time i braided a whole sprig of rosemary into my beard
just kidding
i can barely grow facial hair
the idea of being w/ u was like
the idea of the ocean & the moon making out
ie something that would probably, definitely kill me
altho, it’s always other people who die, isn’t it
i mean think about it man
& what’s that thing where u can’t
stand each other’s taste in music anymore
but u still hang out anyway??
& do u ever just wake up like
wait wtf is this o wow i guess i am myself
face down ass up
is the only position i know how to write poetry in
& a cool thing about the spring is how
your dick wakes up & smells the candy
in the dream i can’t remember if i am stabbing you or you are stabbing me
but i do remember how it was with 1/2 a nail clipper
& how easily it slid thru sweater, ribcage, heart


do i have to give this one a title too, 2015




By oscar d’artois




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