Bedtime – The Photos

A mannequin head with a green wig, a mirror and makeup.
Makeup Station (detail), Bedtime installation, Municipal Gallery Arsenał, Poznań, Poland. 7 September - 7 October 2018. Photo by Irek Popek.

Dziewczyństwo & COVEN Berlin presented Bedtime, an exhibition and sleepover series, at Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznań, Poland, from 7 September to 7 October 2018, curated by zofia nierodzińska.

The bed is a virtual monument to dreaming presents; a space for germinating ambivalent pleasures; shelter, battlefield and (dis)comfort zone all at once. This is the command center of girlhood, where all are stirred to feel the need for social disobedience. From 7th September to 7th October, we organized a bedroom in Municipal Gallery Arsenal, with three sleepovers where we spent the night in the gallery.

Read more about the exhibition and three sleepovers here.

The exhibition: 

Photographs by Irek Popek

Title wall of bedtime exhibition

Exhibition view of Bedtime. A wall of windows on the left side shines colored light into a room with a large bed, cushions, and fabric pieces.

A makeup table with windows covered in colored plastic behind. The table has nail polish, makeup and a mannequin with a green wig on it.

View of exhibition. A bed is in the left side of the frame, while the right has a table with stationary supplies. A rack of clothes is in the middle.

A table covered in stickers, notebooks, journals, pens, and other stationary supplies. The color scheme is mostly pink and purple.

Exhibition view of a wall and text reading

In the foreground, a pile of pillows on a bed. In the background, a wall with writing on it, and a table covered in satin cloth.

A photo of the opening of a tent with a video screen in it. There are lights around the edge.

A picture of an audiovisual setup in the exhibition. There is writing on the wall and a tent covered in hair.


A pillow with

Three purple silky robes hung on the wall under the names of the girlhood members.

A photograph of three purple robes and matching thongs under the names of the coven members.

A bed with cushions and drapes, looking toward a wall. The hangings are pink and purple.

A purple thong and robe under the name of the curator, and a tv screen with headphones underneath.

A photo of a bed with thin purple hangings and pillows, looking toward colored windows.

A close up photo of a purple gauzy bed-hanging, with colored lights along the top.


Photographs by Irek Popek.

Members of Coven and Girlhood speaking to crowd at the opening of the exhibition.

A view from behind the the members of coven and girlhood, showing the crowd.

Members of coven and the curator speaking with one another.

A group of coven and girlhood members talking and laughing with one another.

Members of coven and girlhood looking together at a phone.

Two members of girlhood leaning on one another and smiling.

A photo of a white person lying on one of the beds. They are looking up pensively.

A photo of a person wearing a sleep mask pushed up on their forehead and typing on a phone.

A white person crouching at the makeup table.

An adult and a baby sitting on one of the beds. They are interacting.

A person reading a handwritten notebook. The photo is taken over their shoulder and is pink-toned.

An adult and a small child at the table covered in stationary.

An adult and a small child at a makeup table. The adult is looking to the side of the camera.

A closeup of a child's hand on the makeup table.

Someone sitting on a bed and looking at the camera.

Sleepover 1, 8 September 2018:

Hosted by Dziewczyństwo. Photographs by Karolina Wojciechowska.

A picture of a darkened room. There is a bed with lights hanging from it, and lots of people hanging out. There is a party atmosphere.

Three people standing around a table. There is a desk light on the table.

One person holding a mirror for another.

A person with a clown nose and brightly colored clothes and make up. They are making an excited expression.

A person wearing clown makeup looking to the right of the camera.

People laying on a bed.

Two dogs jumping around on the bed.

A person wearing a low backed leopard print dress. On their back, they have a heart design.

A person wearing gloves and drawing a design on the lower back of another person. A guide sheet lays on their back.

A white person looks at the camera. On their chest is a presumably fresh lizard design.

One person braiding a hair extension on another person.

Someone reading a book on the bed. The photo is dimly lit.

A person making a dramatic expression

A person holding a stuffed fish and laying dramatically holding their head on a bed.

Two people sitting on a bed and talking into a microphone.

Someone holding and kissing a stuffed fish.

A group scene with someone holding a selfie stick.

Someone texting on a bed with a dog rolling around in front of them.

A projection over top of two performers.

A projection over top of a person performing.

An audience scene.

Sleepover 2, 22 September 2018:

Hosted by COVEN BERLIN. Photographs by Judy Landkammer.

A bunch of people sitting on a bed. There is a projector on in the background.

A person wearing a leopard print jacked and bright colored clothing. It is a high contrast image.

One person painting another person's nails while they text with their other hand.

A person standing next to a projected set of song lyrics.

A group of people dancing.

Three people dancing and singing karaoke

A bunch of people standing around singing karaoke

Two people dancing

A bunch of people sitting in front of a projector talking into a microphone.

People in front of projector

Sleepover 3, 29 September 2018:

Hosted by COVEN BERLIN and Dziewczyństwo. Photographs by Karolina Wojciechowska.

A scene with a bed and a bunch of people sitting on it. The scene is bathed in rainbow LED light.

A makeup station with a sign that says sex on it.

One person putting makeup on another.

A person in front of a computer with a projector behind them.

Two white people on a laptop.

People sitting around a table looking at something to the side of them.

Multiple people in the audience.

A person sitting in front of a computer with a guitar.

A person holding a guitar in front of a computer. They are bathed in the blue light of a projector.

A bunch of people sitting around a table with red light.

A person looking through a notebook.

People sitting watching something.

Three people sitting on a bed with a person on skype projected over them.

Two people sitting on a bed looking at someone on skype, who is projected behind them.

One person writing on the arm of another.

Two people with their arms around one another watching someone on a projector.

People in sleeping bags looking at the camera.

Two people holding each other on a bed while others watch something happening off screen.

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