Decamping from the world
intuition as art
sacred, profane, hermetic united in one flesh
+ boxing gloves ready for attack / withdrawal
simple flower
reed of night
percussive& come unto us
divided self, persuasive element
hypnotist manatee
birth memories swim up in you
the bone, the teeth, the womb, the placenta
she is your shroud
fertility of foundation
prodigal as peach spit
music ephemerides
remember shin soles swelling
as she wants to touch you
as you let her
as you let yourself dive & be dived
as you overdose pre- & post- & proto- sexual
thinking is porn for the indiscriminate
splayed mess of webbed toes
coming unstuck
in virtue of genetic heritance
lips split the soles flat
luminous, iridescent
give way to
antlered mother divine halo
cased in Perspex
shy, fearless, lactating, fluctuating
between the sign of guilt & innocence
a nascent waxing, a plumed murmur


raspberry bleeding into sunset
ginger lighting me from within
glitter on my face, transferred
to hair
not resisting the convulsive pulse forwards
turning into style
little bird beats
winged membranes
taking life
can cordial interest against contract swallow
against perverted being
the direction of will in a
whoi allow to change / be i
sand loosed & floating in the rafters
of ripened shadow
& hooded fleeing
dance O sublimation
candied ecstasy
fall breathing
on another
tangled metatarsal
bluish one
inhabitedinwrote interdependent
nightmare of a soul curtain
; parting
into ash ,
hollowed for arrival.


inching forward. against: the crevasse. paddock illuminate
my speaking phone, a chorus open, gaping web,
hugs skin for violets. transgress there where you
are, a white-faced mime apostatising victory – that
perennial bloodbath in which only arrows land heads-up.
tentative in
rain green w/ hands & leaves &
temporary exits, reach out a languid shutter
to mute time. here, now, every synapse
exists to bleed its own universe
every body-blow a shrug releasing
the day as an old friend, stain.
harmony of coffee cups clashes
against ruined geography of a flicking trace temple, &
i flume in you there unique
unlovely; not begrudging the soft marrow
of our blended words. take this splaying
at the margin between hips & door, an
energy that shuts crooked fizzing circuits
& burns clean the body
thrives on tongue as a saying-gesture,
flakes off divine enamel
a tender joke
like ice-cream mango starshine on a winter’s day
like all our limited peripheries really are, prevailing
in enigmatic calla, waxy purple finger only
at the deepest well of night.



By Francesca Lisette

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