Ali Fitzgerald is an artist//writer in Berlin. She currently makes comics about a hungover bear for McSweeney’s and queer mermaids for New York Magazine. Ali gave us 9 visual answers to our 9 verbal questions and a bonus shot for our current issue “Labor or Labor.” Enjoy!  
♥ What is your life motto?

♥ Do you believe in magic?

♥ Where does your inspiration come from?

♥ How important is professional success to you?

♥ Orgasmic birth or fulfilling job?

♥ What does family mean to you?

♥ Do you have queer feminist strategies to handle work?

♥ Is there something that makes you really angry?

♥ What are you looking for?

(Colored by Courtney June

♥ BONUS SHOT: Your question for the readers
If you had to hang out with one sea creature, who/what would it be?

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