Joanna Winograd is an Argentinian artist and illustrator based in Berlin. Joanna answered 9 verbal questions with 9 visual answers for our latest issue “I’d rather be a goddesss than a cyborg“. Enjoy!


♥ What is your life motto?



♥ Do you believe in God?



♥ What is your favourite animal?



♥ Are you in love?



♥ What is feminism for you?



♥ When did you realize for the first time that something was wrong with the way gender is prescribed?



♥ What are you looking for?



♥ Where does your inspiration come from?



♥ Is there something that really worries you?



♥ BONUS SHOT: Your question for the readers



Take a look at Joanna Winograd’s magic work on her Facebook page and blog!


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