Rurru Mipanochia is a Mexican illustrator whose work addresses sexuality outside the mainstream physical standards. She answered 9 verbal questions with 9 visual answers for COVEN Berlin’s new issue LOVE OUT OF LOVE:


♥ What is your life motto?


♥ Do you believe in God?


♥ What is your favorite food?


♥ Are you in love?


♥ What is feminism for you?


♥ When did you realize for the first time that something was wrong with the way gender is prescribed?


♥ What are you looking for?


♥ Where does your inspiration come from?


♥ Is there something that makes you cry?


♥ BONUS SHOT: Your question for the readers


Rurru Mipanochia‘s characters have bellies, pimples, lots of hair and most of them are amputees or use orthopedics. Rurru believes all bodies are beautiful in their own way and they don’t need to be within the established pattern of beauty to be sexy. In her work she tries to promotes dissident sexualities, as she believes that we should not feel like freaks if we have different ideas of sex as the ones imposed by the system. Also, her work illustrates some prehispanic deities of sex such as Tlazolteotl Huehuecoyotl and Macuilxochitl. Check her Facebook page here.


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