SUBTLE CEILING is a mixed media artist/illustrator + zine maker + workshop facilitator. They answered 9 verbal questions with 9 visual answers.



♥ What is your life motto?


♥ Do you believe in supernatural forces?


♥ What is your favorite place in the universe?


♥ Are you in love?


♥ What does the term ‘humanity’ mean to you?


♥ When did you realize for the first time that something was wrong with the way gender is prescribed?


♥ Where does your inspiration come from?


♥ Is there something that makes you really angry?


♥ What are you looking for?


♥ BONUS SHOT: Your question for the readers


SUBTLE CEILING‘s preferred materials to work with include: the emotional fabrics + textures of existing, cardboard, found paper, scraps, debris, junk, layered sounds.

They draw, self-publish zines, facilitate workshops, collage, illustrate, build installations + 3D forms, and create embodied performances.

They make what they can from whatever items, moments and spaces they flow through or collide against. SUBTLE CEILING is interested in decolonization of the self, friction, DIY, queer spaces, mental health, coping with the violence +  trauma of living within the white-supremacist capitalist cishetero-patriarchy and finding strength in being vulnerable.


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