Pepa Prieto Puy is a Galician-born Spanish illustrator and artist. Her passion for drawing comes from childhood: when she was in school, she started a magazine with her friend Roberta Vázquez (now an illustrator as well). She studied a Fine Arts degree at the University of Salamanca, and in 2013 she went to Madrid to begin a Masters degree in Publishing and Design.

Her illustrations occupy the ambiguous spaces between the naïve and the perverse, dealing with personal issues, her family, and relationships seen often from an outlandish and absurdist perspective. Her works have been published, amongst other places, on the website It’s Nice That, Tik Tok comics, Zeit Magazin, and RV Papers.

Amongst her works, the closest to the spirit of Assholes is the saga of the tapeworm Jessenia la Tenia, based on the song “Tengo un pasajero” (I Have a Passenger) by the Spanish rock band Paralisis Permanente, published by Tiktok comics. You can check it out here.

Currently based in Santiago de Compostela, at the time of this interview she is working on a comic detailing her experience with metaphorical assholes, which will come out in 2018. You can see her advances and updates at





Visual interview by Esther Nelke



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