It often seems there isn’t much room for otherworldly qualities in today’s fact-based mindset. We prefer the ghost to remain in the bottle, we like our milk pasteurized and our concepts clear-cut. Though the desire for predictability is human, is it enough nourishment to sustain a curious spirit? A modern witch requires a well-balanced diet!

Any occultist worth her salt will be mesmerized when gazing into the cauldron of cultural diversity. On the hunt for all the flavours of identity, she will inevitably find herself challenged to conduct the occasional experiment. “What if everything could be different for a day?”, she wonders. “What would it feel like to walk a mile in unfamiliar shoes? What if, rather than shed my skin, I could keep it and take on another?”

These are the questions that ultimately grew into our photo series, ‘The witches of Marsha P.’
We sought out the most inquisitive individuals to live in another skin for a day. A new self-invented skin, tailored to fit the identity of their choosing. What would you do if you had the chance to re-create yourself?





By Alice and Eline Primowees

With Ruben Vermeulen (Model in the corset)
And René Genten (Model with the black wig and purple dress)




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