Lo Pecado, COVEN BERLIN‘s editor-in-chief, answered 11 verbal questions with 11 visual answers about herself and the way she understands life.


Welcome to Lo Pecado’s übergirly feminist world!


♥ What is your life motto?


♥ Do you believe in God?


♥ What is your favorite food?


♥ What kind of feminist are you?


♥ What do you feel about the antifeminist and men rights’ movements?


♥ How do you deal with daily sexist microaggressions?


♥ When did you realize for the first time that something was wrong with the way gender is prescribed?


♥ Your first contact with feminism:


♥ Do you think you are special?


♥ What kind of childhood did you have?


♥ What are you looking for?


♥ BONUS SHOT: Your question for the readers



By Lo Pecado





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