The little mermaid feels no pain. Her body flows together with the wet streams of the ocean. She is the traitor of all limits, an intestinal amoeba of chaos that constantly changes her own form, depending on who she wants to fool. One night, she appeared to me as an enormous monster, full of appendages begging me to hit her till her tentacular body becomes twice as big. Her flesh was covered in wounds that poured endlessly black fluids. She was slowly capturing me, without me noticing it, in her warm cytoplasm and hugging me with her digestive liquids. Her whole body was transformed into a gigantic stomach and I, while we were together in an endosymbiotic state, felt so secure deep inside her oozy juices. At the end of the night, she aborted me together with all of her waste products…


The little mermaid is swimming in muck-water and sleeping inside a hot pile of her own liquid and solid waste. Her wavy body swallows and digests. Her excrements are fertilising the whole kingdom. The little mermaid produces the best manure in the whole ocean, as she possesses the biggest number of the most beautiful orifices. Her tails are full of holes that are surrounded by the most well-made retractor muscles and the most stretched out inner and outer clamps. This chthonic creature is a primitive pansexual deity of the seas, having tentacles in the places where a proper human would have hair.


The little mermaid has no skin, she is full of orifices and black holes. Her intestines were touching my fingers, her anal mouth was kissing my lips. The place she inhabited was flooded by mucus, liquids, slimy-smelly juices extracted directly from her scaly stomach. She was full of tentacles, a gutty octopus that was abysmally eating my horn. Her body was huge, steeped depth, full of plungers. She suddenly opened her mouth, swallowed me and forcibly dug me into her gastrointestinal system, till the deep depth bottom of her anus. There, I met all my old friends who were dancing up and down in the rhythm of her waste, inside a colourful sticky lake.


I stuck my face deep inside your fragrant microbial mud. I just wanted to smell you, to breathe all the gas that emerges from within you, to live for a while in the pond of your uterus and to place my cheek on the bacterial walls of your prostate. I remember that very vividly, you were the little mermaid, you that listens to me now. You were one wandering chameleon that absorbed all the features of every environment. You were never something specific. You were constantly changing yourself, always confusing and always you at the end. Remember the day you were a seahorse? You had aroused me. You were the most horny pregnant male seahorse that I have ever seen. But you once again changed and, at the end of the night, you aborted the child inside you together with all of your waste products.


The little Mermaid is sometimes green. Her thick translucent integument changes colour when Chlorella penetrates her. Chlorella is just a common green seaweed, a simple sexual correspondent, who is trapped in the reign of the little Mermaid, in order to satisfy her needs and to produce her food. She diffuses her green flesh, creating a thin adipose hymen that embraces little Mermaid’s innards. Then, all the mermaid’s orifices become unnecessary and cease to function. She completely surrenders to Chlorella, who is inside her and has a total control of her vital functions. Chlorella also offers the little Mermaid another service: she recycles the waste of her uric acid, transforming it to nutritious elements for herself. Meaning who? It’s hard to determine. These two creatures share such a bond that we are not able to comprehend where the animal ends and the seaweed begins.


The little mermaid is not only just a fish that walks. She is an amphibious pedomorphic salamander with a thick body, long sparkly tail and disfigured, upside-down legs. She spends most of her time inside holes that she finds or digs herself on the bodies of her clueless human lovers. In the night, she helps the souls of the dead move to the Upper World and they, as payback, mutilate the legs of the humans and bring them back to her. Nobody knows exactly what she does with them. Rumour has it, she uses them to create new monsters, her hungry frankensteinish sisters…


Ursula the Sea Witch is a huge hermaphrodite wormhole. Her cylindrical naked body is an incorporeal tunnel linking two separate points in space time; a space tunnel with a magic ability to transform all the unsuspecting visitors into hybrid wavy demons. She has no head or internal skeleton, while her mouth finds itself up to the first ring and breathes through her skin. She enjoys to parasite in gastrointestinal systems and she is the mistress of all the galactic oceans. In the night, she reaches the surface of the world, crawling to find food. She usually eats all the fathers who were chasing her in her previous life. During the day, she throws them up and uses her waste to prepare magical potions together with her unfaithful sisters.


The little mermaid’s family consists of all the unfaithful offspring of the sky gods. She has no father or mother, only sisters; a thousand creatures full of outgrowths, all the monsters of the bottomless oceans. Arachnoid black Widows, jellyfibrous Stepmothers, whiplike-appendaged little Lolitas, creeper Intestines, swelling Roots and hairy Fairies, multi-legged Gorgons, ciliophoric-eyelashed Nymphs and snotty-mixozoa Brides, hemorrhoidic Sirens, myxomycota Erinyes, green lesbian seaweeds, bugs inside mutilated human legs and Medusas vomiting Pegasus, all together eating, aborting and ruling the oceanic planet. They are the hysteric workers of the anus, safeguarding the non-existence of life and death.


In the oceanic planet the creatures are reproduced through a cannibalistic indigestion. In their attempt to eat one another they are led to a symbiotic fusion which is partially successful. The result is the rise of aborted hybrid monsters, bearing the cells and genes of at least two individuals. The reproduction functions as a random event of desperation. The oceanic planet is possessed by an uncontrollable hedonistic bulimia and the hunger leads each creature in fusions….in constant, endless cannibalisms…

Excerpt from “The Oceanic Planet”, a feminist / pornographic / biological sci-fi story that could be also read as an erotic confession. Inspired by bacterial sex, earth/sea worms, seahorses, sea anemones, lovers, and strongly influenced by Donna Haraway and Lynn Margulis.



From the project “Squidgina Mermaid” with Lydia Miligkou and Anna Ketikoglou, 2017.



Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou’s work is situated somewhere between fantasy and reality, childhood and adulthood. With strong influences from gender and queer studies, inspired by fairytales, feminist sci-fi novels, postporn and subcultures like furry fandom, she is trying to push the boundaries of the imagining of subjectivity. She works and lives in Berlin.

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