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If I would in some way try to describe the basic idea of tentacle porn, I would say that it is about non-human representations of the penis entering non-consenting / slightly resisting bodily openings of a (in most cases) female body. Tentacle porn has developed several ideas of what constitutes a tentacle. Octopus, cyborg-arms, alien limbs, hair, branches and roots.. The thing they have in common is the fact that they all try to look and act like a penis. The tentacles have solely one focus, and that is to penetrate and impregnate. This conquering is unfolded in front of us through images of the female slowly getting naked and disarmed. Turned into a sexual object, simply put.

I call for the rise of an equally predatory monster as the ones existing, but equipped with tentacles referring to female anatomy. Convinced that the problem with mainstream tentacle porn is neither objectification nor domination. Rather problematic is how mass produced images repeating themselves, telling the same story over and over again, creates an educational narrative that tends to mainstream an audience. I believe that a female tentacle monster, and tentacle porn produced by females, carries enough radical potential to instead enlighten and inspire the same.

And here is how you go about it in reality:

Educate yourself in female anatomy and use biology as your muse.
The clitoris, for example, has only one purpose and that is to create pleasure. Very much like the tentacle monsters of the movies. It spreads all the way around the female lower body, it spits and lubricates, it gets swollen and expands, it squeezes, it spasms, it hardens.. Look at images of the clitoris and imagine it a thousand times as big, then bring it to life.

Don’t leave out the damage done by the female on her male (or whatever) prey.
Following the idea of an active gaze, if your tentacle sucks an asshole then you should show the movements that follow from this stimulation. There is no passive part in a sexual play. I do not believe in the idea of sex as a display of the relation between pounding machines and gaping holes. And don’t forget to capture the facial expressions of the object.

Illustrate the bodily reactions, not only the body’s appearance.
It is a false assumption that visual stimulation is about looking at pretty things. Following the idea of the empathic gaze, the images you present should illustrate sensation. Not beauty. The strange sensation of pushing a tongue against a pussy is better represented if you ask yourself what the feeling of tongue-against-pussy would look like (instead of just filming a tongue against a pussy). The words with which you describe that sensation to yourself, will then be the words which describe the tentacle monster’s appearance. And the circle is closed.




Words and image by Lo-Fi Cherry

Learn more about the Feminist Tentacles Project on Lo-Fi Cherry’s Tumblr!




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  • FoxFemme says:

    “it is about non-human representations of the penis” – well, the beautiful thing about tentacle porn for me as a queer femme is that what it represents is NOT the penis. It is all about (remotely) phallus-shaped organs that most definitely are non-penes. This is what makes penetration desirable, delectable and perverse enough to be queerly enjoyed – as far as I’m concerned.

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