1. Add to lacquer and use as nail polish

2. Add to Vaseline and use as lipstick

3. Feed plants

4. Decorate room

5. Decorate old jeans for the “destroy” look

6. Put into unmarked vials and send as a gift to major world leaders

7. Mark your territory on furniture, mattresses, public transportation

8. Scare your coworkers or the children you babysit

9. Make Bloody Mary’s

10. Make Gin and Tonics

11. Feed pets

12. Sign your letters in blood

13. Write in your journal in blood

14. Put some on your hand before high-fiving someone

15. Pour into tub and treat yourself to a blood bath

16. Get kinky somehow

17. Use as toothpaste

18. Use as mouthwash

19. Put into lasagna

20. Use in performance art

21. Use in visual art

22. Gargle before using in opera-art

23. Dye lampshades for atmosphere

24. Tint unvarnished wooden furniture

25. Freeze into ice cubes

26. Store some in the fridge in case your roommates need it

27. Hide it in your armpits, in your hair line, and under your breasts to make

people think you sweat blood

28. Make jello for grandparents or jello shots for friends

29. Have a themed party where everyone has to touch it

30. Bring to uncomfortable events as an escape plan

31. Fake a bloody nose to take a 20 minute break from work

32. Bring to the apple store so you can decorate while you wait for a friendly


33. Bring to the bio store to try to get discounts on large jars of coconut oil and

almond butter

34. Bring to a beginner ballet class to put in your slippers so you can pretend you

are really hardcore

35. Bring to a lingerie shop to get discounts

36. Send as gift to former middle school bully

37. Send as gift to ex-lover

38. Put into the inside of a pastry

39. Bring to family reunions to teach your younger cousins about puberty

40. Add flavor and minerals to brown soda varieties




Words and photo by Louise Trueheart





  • mike says:

    i am very intrigued about the fetish usage of period blood, as well interested in understanding how common period fetishes are…actually been thinking about this for a couple year now.

    • Antonia says:

      Not uncommon, though some may not want to admit it.
      As a woman who experiences painful cramps, sex during my period not only alleviates the duration of said cramps, but can make my period shorter and can provide a hot evening with your bleeding partner.

      Though I am not an expert and it is wise to research before-hand, I used my period as a way for my boyfriend and I to have unprotected sex, which bonded us tremendously. I looked forward to my monthly visitor so we could have a few days together.

      Get black sheets and a waterproof mattress pad. You will need them.

  • FoxFemme says:

    Love this list! I do no. 3 on a regular basis. Will consider no. 6. LOL

  • Esta Polyesta says:

    Why fetish? We have been so alienated from our body by culture and miseducation that anything that does not fit the prudish anglo -saxon, barely not victorian morals is considered fetish.
    Personally I would not let anybody consume anything from my body without them knowing it. That has to do with openness, honesty and energy. But using it for art or to feed the plants is pretty cool. Marking territory? I love it. So raw, so wild animal-like raaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr

  • Yasmin says:

    I think it’s cool to use period blood for art and empowering to talk about it however please let’s not forget that blood can be carrier of deadly viruses such as HIV, hep B and C, among others. It can take from a few months to many years before the virus is detected in the blood even if one gets tested regularly. In addition these viruses can live on surfaces for up to 6 months even if disinfected.
    Some of the above items are a health hazard so I ask the list be reviewed and modified. Let’s be not only empowered feminists but also health conscious.

    • Bara says:

      Actually, the HIV virus dies pretty much as soon as it’s out of the body. It’s a myth that you can get infected even from old, dried blood.

  • Marina. says:

    As someone who wears red lipstick daily, #2 sounds pretty awesome. Also, art!

  • Antonia Brown says:

    This list just made me cringe so hard that when I finally relaxed, my uterus fell out. There goes any future period blood I could use 🙁

  • Anon says:

    That’s fucking disgusting. Oh my fucking god.

  • Patricia Rodriguez says:

    I thought this was a joke but reading through the comments im baffled

  • Penelope Dreadful says:

    HIV is a very fragile virus and doesn’t live long outside of the body, however some varieties of hepatitis are incredibly hardy.

  • mae says:

    Why are people taking this seriously. It’s clearly a joke.

  • Meow says:

    Haha. What. Ok. Wait. Why are people talking about serious things? Can you imagine someone writing this for real?

  • SeriousBusiness says:

    Period blood is super nutritious (huge waste, actually); I’ve actually heard that there are cultures where women drink their period blood so as not to lose all that mineral-y goodness (within the Tantra tradition, I think?). Which is also why you should totally give that jazz to your plants, if you don’t mind them feasting on your blood.

  • Ashley says:

    This is hysterical! #41 – use it for water balloon fights.

  • Jenny says:

    I use the menstrual cup to gather blood. I empty it several times a day, I do a small shot of it 2-3 times per day during my cycle. I also do a facial mask once a day during my cycle. It is magnificent, and it’s not a joke. People should research the benefits before they write unsubstantiated wrong replies.

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