Dear friends and followers,

COVEN BERLIN grows and glows. We are learning, loving and sharing in more sophisticated ways and we feel more complex and mature. Much more focused but at the same time so excited about the future.

And it is all because of your faith in us and your generous support. What started as a naive hobby is now becoming our life project, the place to pour our lymph, tears, sweat, bile, milk and blood into. Our home. Our body.

After our webpage’s complete makeover, now we feel confident enough to follow a more organized working flow. Starting June 2014, COVEN BERLIN will feature quarterly issues with different topics or leitmotivs. Things that inspire us. Things that steal our sleep. Things that we know all about or nothing.

And here again we would like to give you a preferential role in COVEN BERLIN as life-performers, opinion-makers, advise-givers, wisdom-sharers. Please send us your contributions —writing, photography, illustration, video, whatever you feel comfortable with— on any subject at all to hello[at]covenberlin.com. We will be more than happy to work with you!

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