The Owl House Watches: A Hauntological Walking Tour – The Photos

Tie-dyed underwear covered in yellow slime in a glass display case

For two hot afternoons in the summer of 2020, COVEN BERLIN hosted a paranormal and deeply personal walking tour at the invitation of Feldfünf e.V. for their show Flaneurin* oder Spaßverderberin*?. Through paranormal activity reports and measurements, we invited our audience to discover the often-forgotten history of the now-famous Hot Alien Cruisers around the Südliche Friedrichstadt. We also opened up about our personal, emotional, sexual, romantic, and spiritual relationship with these beings <3. Through it all, the urban landscape of the Kiez transformed into a queer and feminist cosmovision full of haunts and spooks, as real as they are invisible. Here are the photos.

An excerpt from this work was published on diffrakt.

The Owl House Watches was restaged as well as discussed by COVEN in an artist talk at the ICI Berlin in 2021.

Performance Photos by ink Agop:

Louise rubs salaciously against a silver dome. Children's feet are visible inthe background.
A person with bleach blond hair and tattoos covers their ears and listens to a large silver dome intently
A group watches Frances and Louise performing at a playground. Children are playing on a silver dome behind them.
The audience sits in a park promenade watching Frances and Louise.
Louise Trueheart, a tomboy femme with long hair in tie-dye, looks at the audience and hold s a microphone up for Frances Breden, a bisexual dyke with medium length hair and also in tye-die, reads a poem.
The audience sits with eyes closed in a building's entry way listening to Frances and Louise read a poem
The audience applauds Frances and Louise, in a shaded passageway covered with murals
Frances and Louise lovingly put their hands on a mural of Sailor Moon with graffitied satanic symbols on her.

Exhibition photos by Joseph Devitt Tremblay:

The entrance to feldfünf with COVEN's exhibited work visible through the door, and COVEN BERLIN's name scrolling along an LED banner above the door.
Images of yellow slime and gooey objects in the forest behind a glass display case
Wooden diorama of a magnetic energy exchange between COVEN BERLIN members and aliens in a glass display case
A branch covered in yellow goo behin da glass display case
Tie-dyed underwear covered in yellow slime in a glass display case

Brochure, designed by Sophia Krasomil:

The brochure for the walking tour that was at the gallery.  Shows the route and images from the route.
A person all in black photographs a silver dome in a sand pit. A comment reads "11.11.2011. Alien Landing.
A social housing building in Berlin whose face looks like an owl.  Caption reads "Benevolent protector."
The facade of the TAZ newspaper building with gay antifa, trans, and nin-binary pride flags.  Comment reads "Mysterious unidentified markings."
Shop front for a "trancendental meditation" centre.  A photo of a chidl with closed eyes is in the window.  Comment reads "Interfacing through poetry."
Graffiti of Sailor Moon on a wall with a satanic cross on her forehead with comment "only existing alien self-representation to date".

PERFORMANCE by Frances Breden and Louise Trueheart, Lorena Juan, Vivien Cahn, Harley Aussoleil, Hester Trueheart.

CONCEPT, CREATION, AND DEVELOPMENT by Frances Breden and Lorena Juan.

ALIEN ARTIFACTS in collaboration with Cooper Lovano.