CONCHA f (plural conchas)


1. seashell

2. Popular Spanish female name meaning “conception”

3. (vulgar, Latin America) cunt

CONCHA is the Spanish word for seashell and also a Latin American word for cunt. Concha can also be your neighbor, since it is a popular Spanish female name which means “conception”.

CONCHA is the first postporn short by the queer feminist collective COVEN BERLIN. Inspired by the Foucaultian concept of the degenitalization of sex and pleasure (i.e. the breakup of the erotic monopoly traditionally held by the genitals), this film tries to disrupt the spectator’s expectations about porn by mixing symbolic and non-explicit elements in a provocatively intimate dance.

CONCHA is a sensual 02:09 minute video piece with music by the Berliner-based Jane Freiheit, shot by the queer multimedia artist Judy Mièl and starring the tongue talent Lo Pecado.




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