THE OWL HOUSE WATCHES: A Hauntological Walking Tour

A person dressed in black stands in front of a mysterious silver dome. A comment reads "Alien visitation - 11.11.2011.
Image by Frances Breden and Lorena Juan

22. September, 17h-18:30
Starting Location: Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz
10969 Berlin

Through paranormal activity reports and measurements around Berlin’s Südliche Friedrichstadt, queer art collective COVEN BERLIN writes a deeply personal and cathartic letter to their alien ex-partners. COVEN opens up about their personal, emotional, sexual, romantic, and spiritual relationship with the “Hot Alien Cruisers”, and their dismay at their space-bound departure. Through it all, the urban landscape of the Kiez is transformed into a queer and feminist cosmovision full of haunts and ghouls, as real as they are invisible.

Access Information:

This is an outdoor walking tour that covers approximately 1.5 km. All spaces are accessible, but some require going a bit further to find, for example, ramps for a wheelchair on the sidewalk curb.

We will proceed rain or shine, so we advise wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, and bringing a rain jacket if needed. Also consider bringing a water bottle and whatever else you may need. We will have two backless folding chairs and umbrellas for those who want them.

If you are interested in bringing children, and have questions regarding the nature of the content of the tour, please feel free to ask for more details in your registration email.

The tour is amplified with a megaphone and is in English. Printed copies of the text will be available in both English and in German upon request.

To register, please email your name and any questions or accessibility wishes to Registration will be capped at 30 participants.

Presentation of a same-day negative COVID-19 test, proof of recent recovery, or a vaccination record will be required upon arrival. Social distancing will be observed and masks are required to participate.

Developed as part of Flaneur*in oder Spaßverderber*in at Feldfünf. Photos from the previous performance.


COVEN BERLIN will also give a talk on 24.09.21 at ICI Berlin

An ICI Berlin Event organized by Alison Sperling in cooperation with TU Berlin ZIFG and IPODI Initiative, CoFutures/Science Fictionality at the University of Oslo, and the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw.