The Exhausted and Compassionate Oracle Booklet One

Here you can find the digital, accessible first booklet of the The _ & _ Oracle, sometimes called the Fatigued and Compassionate Oracle, written by members of Sickness Affinity Group around 2019.

Please see the links below for the English audio recording, as well as for the screen-reader friendly PDF.

Für die deutsche Audioaufnahme und Text, bitte klick auf den “DE” oben rechts auf dieses Webseite oder hier.

Accessible PDF of Booklet One

Audio Recording of Booklet One

Sickness Affinity Group (SAG) is a group of art workers and activists who work on the topic of sickness/disability and/or are affected by sickness/disability. Sickness Affinity Group functions as a support group that challenges the competitive and ableist mode of working in the arts by sharing experiences and information and by prioritizing the well-being and access needs of its group members.

Sickness Affinity Group investigates accessibility as both a topic and curatorial method. We aim to celebrate and create room for non-normative bodies, politics, and desires, as well as offering a supportive environment for fragility and wellbeing.

Sickness Affinity Group holds bi-monthly meetings in Berlin and maintains an email list. Sickness Affinity Group members collaborate on projects in small working groups and report back from their process in the bi-monthly meetings.

You can sign up to the Mailing List to share/receive information and in order to attend upcoming meetings.