Room for Reflection

Installation view. In a completely blackened room, shards of light and the contours of a projector are visible. The light shards make various geometric shapes on surfaces in the room, none are distinct.

Within a globalized urban society connected by the means of the internet, there are few spaces and instances left that encourage us to turn our attention inward and introspect our current state of being. Self-reflection is a powerful tool to understand the fundamental nature and true essence of things, and is a practice rooted in numerous eastern and western traditions, religions, and philosophies. The accelerating speed of life and readily available stimulation serves as a way to distract us and further broaden the gap of human connection with oneself. Distraction is not new to man, but the methods of distraction, however, have become more sophisticated and omni-prevalent. Our consumption of entertainment is not limited anymore by time or space. Digital devices accompany us wherever we go. What we seem to be sacrificing in our surfing and searching is our capacity to engage in the quieter, attentive modes of thought that underpin contemplation, reflection, and introspection.

“Room for Reflection” is an attempt at creating and reclaiming an environment devoid of the constant traffic of everyday urban life. Furthermore it is an exploration of enhanced spaces, where stillness and contemplation could naturally occur, and the enhancement of such by means of art and technology amplifies their meditative capabilities.

This piece was created and shown in my friends’ bathroom. Him and his flatmate had the idea of opening a gallery at their place called ‘Gallerie LaToilette’. The inspiration for the installation came through the space that it was exhibited in. The sound was made with the help of Alexandre Zagana Diop.






Jessica Comis is a multi-faceted creative currently based in Berlin. Through various works featuring set-, prop- and costume design as well as installation works, it is her aim to push societal norms and question the general perception of reality. By creating alien, otherworldly landscapes and creatures influenced by surreal imagery, mysticism, and the subconscious, she tries to explore and expose the very structures that control and impact our daily lives.



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