There, some thoughts on the matter. Miscellaneous. Everyone wants to say something about love, don’t we?

love is the most perfect form of social repression
if god was people’s opium love is god’s opium
love causes love?
love causes love puppets?
love is my drug he said
one life one drug
if i had more i would have more
if i tried more would i get more?
get some more
love is a journey from body to body
stop making sense
make sensations
love is identity
love makes you part of a bigger body
­so you only want to be two people? is that enough for you?
­they say a grain of sand contains the universe
ask for more
ask for more than love
love’ s not all we need
love is all she needs but love’s not all she wants
so love’s not all she needs
all she wants is all she needs
but what makes me cry or high i consider real and love makes me cry and high
love is a lie
love is a two­-way lie
do you believe in me?
love is a two-­way dream
lie with me
freedom is being a slave to your desires
love is making a slave of your desires
love must set you free
if it doesn’t set you free it ain’t love
but what cannot make a slave of you cannot set you free
listen to your heart
are you listening?
are you listening to your heart or to what others spoke to it?
monogamy is not love
polygamy is not love
love is a social contract
is love a social contract?
are feelings political?
do we have nothing left to ourselves?
be creative
make up love
love is a game
love is a dance or
a fight against habit
set love free
love is a starfucker
love is a way of becoming
love is a way





Words by Concha Flores

Images by Inès Berra Viola


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