BURLUNGIS – the photos

The photo shows an exhibition view of Burlungis from outside. The double doors of the gallery space Galerie im Turm are wide open. Above, the gallery name is lettered in metal on the stone wall. The stage installation by Irene Fernandez Arcas is visible inside.
Exhibition view of Burlungis. Photograph by Eric Tschernow.

Aye, aye! The gates of BURLUNGIS, our medieval universe and the landscape of our discursive program has closed. Surrounded by mist and mud, it all began as a stage for co-creation between we the artists and you, dear wanderer. BURLUNGIS grew to be a mysterious land… a home for costume-making, play-writing, medieval sound creation, pagan healing practices, Haitian voodoo practices, speculative archives of aphrodisiacs, stories of “scolds”, warriors, and witches. We’ve heard tales of courage, of fear and of cruelty, and we come together in this agora of historical figures and fantasy characters. BURLUNGIS was open to all from 23rd of February to 8th of March 2020 at Galerie im Turm, Berlin.

Together with artists Yoav Admoni, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Samantha Bohatsch, Hang Linton+Laura Lulika, workshop facilitators Dr. edna bonhomme, Luiza Prado, and Ileana Pascalau, and the curators Linnéa Meiners and Jorinde Splettstößer, we say farewell. If you didn’t get a chance to set foot in our bog, or you just want to flare up fond memories, we share some of the images we humbly captured. 


Exhibition views of BURLUNGIS

Photographs by Eric Tschernow

ALCHEMICAL CREATURES AND ARCHAIC GARMS with Hang Lington+Laura Lulika, 28th of February 2020

Photography by Judy Landkammer

THE FINAL JOUST, closing event of BURLUNGIS, 7th of March 2020

Photography by Judy Landkammer


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