“Technology is not neutral. We’re inside of what we make, and it’s inside of us. We’re living in a world of connections – and it matters which ones get made and unmade.”

It has been 30 years since Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto was published. Coven-Berlin’s first issue of 2015 would like to explore the quasi-vintage world of 90’s-era cyber-feminism, chromed-out feminist utopias resplendent, in order to trans-code them into 2.0 queer activism. We are more cyborg today than we have ever been. What can we learn from those who saw this coming?

Let’s embrace the cyborg myth: the breakdown of boundaries between human and machine, between physical and non-physical. Let’s erase Western dualisms. Let’s expand into a thick network of communities and groups that are based on affinity rather than biologic determinism.

Although during this research journey we will maintain a critical position towards patriarchal and supremacist representations of science, we would like to use a technology-infused, non-essentialist feminism in order to break the current codes encrypted in our cyborged minds.

In this issue, we will explore non-normative bodies, digital feminist art, social networks, A.I., trans-humanism, avatars, prosthetic enhancements, feminist science, reproduction, virtual sex, post-feminism, net activism, gaming, language, and much more.

Shatter the boundaries of flesh, soul and machine. Become.



Please send us your contributions —writing, photography, illustration, video, whatever you feel comfortable with—to hello[at]covenberlin.com. We will be more than happy to work with you!




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