COVEN Berlin is excited to be featured in YFA: Young Feminist Artists, an exhibition that brings feminist art into the context of now through works by artists from various disciplines. The show is currated by YFA founder Betty Fraud and will take place from 2nd to 6th of July 2015 at The Wick, London.

YFA features arresting works of beauty and subversive humour with a smattering of romantic tragedy, apparent in Betty Frauds ‘Je suis Jihadi Jas’ which vividly re-imagines the archetypal Disney Princess as the all too contemporary and tragic Jihadi Bride.

YFA is a show of emerging talent which gathers individuals such as Sarah Maple and collective new Feminist voices including rising star Ann Hirsch in one seminal show as well as poetry which packs a bitch slap punch – courtesy of the irreverent Becky Fury.

Feminist collectives will be represented such as the neoteric IN NAAM DER KUNST I.N.K from the Netherlands whose body of work includes the collaboration between two immense talents; Leah Blits and Nadia Preys creating works of true grit and glamour. They represent what it means to be, she. The show also includes works by Clandestine Collective a very young group of talented lasses hailing from the North of England.

COVEN Berlin will be represented through artworks by their co-founders Lo Pecado and Judy Mièl including their post-porn short Concha, which was screend i.a. at the Porn Film Festival Berlin 2014 and the CIMMFest as well as Mièl’s illustration series Cofradía De Los Invertidos. The series inflames the edge between symbols of Catholic cults and emblems of queer rebellion and empowerment – minorities slip into their reputed despisers’ costumes and celebrate the hidden, the censored and the untolerated.

If you are in London, you should definitely take a look!


Je suis Jihadi Jas by Betty Fraud


Self Portrait by Sarah Maple


Just Hanging Around by IN NAAM DER KUNST I.N.K




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