We have proudly produced a deep and potent mini-theme: ASSHOLES. This subject, so pervasive and visible in our society when it comes to patriarchs, remains unspoken, odorless, douched, and shamed when it comes to anatomy. COVEN BERLIN is looking for articles, interviews, and online-friendly works of all kinds that penetrate this subject and explore all its nuances of sensation. We want, fist softly formed, to push through the warm sweaty months by taking back the topic from male gay culture, from the closet we all put our assholes in, and from the governments that police our bodies. There are so many misconceptions to rectum-fy, mysteries to finger, and stories to share. FUCK TMI! We want to know.

ASSHOLES will be a quickie and end in the beginning of winter, so please unclench your cheeks, relax, and enjoy expelling a steaming piece of content on anything to do with ASSHOLES.

Some thoughts to get you going:

. patriarchy: it’s still interesting and some still don’t smell the foul behind the Dove for Men
. rants, particularly about white male assholes
. technique and language that empowers the world to engage in anal play (experts and amateurs equally welcome here)
. the pineal gland
. diseases and parasites, travel
. famous assholes
. secret assholes
. fan fiction
. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Xd6QOajuo
. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riLLOsKnH3M
. stigma, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, barebacking, PREP, bugchasers, and serophobia
. digestion and optimal shitting positions, smells, consistencies
. scat parties – testimonies
. pets, and becoming a responsible adult who has a pet
. the humus of the earth, compost, the Chthulucene*
. and so much more.

We’re looking forward to your submissions! If you have never submitted or if it’s been a while, check out our new submission guidelines so you know what to expect.

Open your eyes, open your mouth, and get into ASSHOLES.


*from Donna Harraway’s new Staying with the Trouble; Making Kin in the Chthulucene


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