ART PORN WEEK: potentia gaudendi

Judy Mièl’s most recent art piece for COVEN BERLIN, a gif installation, represents the carnal, fluid and digitalisible nature of the potent gaudendi or “orgasmic force”, according to the queer philosopher Beatriz Preciado, this notion describes a new order of capitalist power that is structured via the orgasm.

This potentia gaudendi is the sum of the potential excitement inherent to every life molecule. This orgasmic strength is the most abstract and at the same time the most material labor force in the capitalist system, for although it cannot be possessed or conserved, it can be transformed into capital. Pleasure capital.

You can see the installation starting from the 12th to the 15th of June at MindPirates e.V. Find the whole Art Porn Week programm here.



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