Welcome to BURLUNGIS: Hang your cloak and stay a while, weary traveller. The times may be dark and the swamps and bogs hide lurking creatures of the night, but accept…

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In the center, a group of eight people stand in a circle holding each other’s arms/wrists outstretched in a naturally lit rehearsal/dance studio. They are all barefoot and wearing loose white underwear briefs, in addition to varying white tops (tanks, tees, hoodie). There is a large white fabric hanging loosely from the ceiling onto the floor behind and to the left of the performers.


box. box. box. box. inside the box, establish the points & hit them. stay within the designated lines. 7. 6. 4. 3. 6. 2. 2. 6. i turn around nothing…

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Installation view. In a completely blackened room, shards of light and the contours of a projector are visible. The light shards make various geometric shapes on surfaces in the room, none are distinct.

Room for Reflection

Within a globalized urban society connected by the means of the internet, there are few spaces and instances left that encourage us to turn our attention inward and introspect our…

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